Financial goal setting

It’s a question you’ve asked yourself a thousand times; “what do I want to do with my life?”

Do you enjoy your job? Do you wish you could travel more? Where do you see yourself in 1, 5 or even 10 years?

We are big believers in goal setting. It’s a topic of constant conversation in our house. It not only creates fun conversations, but also allows us to keep one another accountable. Whether we want to exercise more, eat healthier or spend more time with family, goal setting allows us to not only wish for things to happen, but actually make them happen!

Now, before we turn full Oprah on you, we’re going to use this post to chat about financial goal setting. It doesn’t have to be complicated. As you’ve noticed, our theme is keeping things simple. This includes planning your financial life. Money affects all aspects of our life and we need it to survive. However, it is how you plan to use your money that makes you feel fulfilled and content.

Financial goal setting can be simple. First, go get some exercise. Go for a walk, run, bike ride – anything! You’ll think clearer once you’ve had a good sweat session. Second, go to a comfortable place, free of distractions. When Lindsey first started doing goal setting, she loved sitting on the patio of her favorite coffee shop. Thirdly, have a laptop/pen and paper. Fourth, start writing! Here are some questions to get your started:

  1. Where do I see myself in one year?
  2. What do I value the most?
  3. What does the perfect day look like?
  4. What would be my dream job?
  5. What are my hobbies/interests/things that make me happy?

This is setting the stage to start your goal setting. Once you start answering these questions, you’ll notice a theme. You’ll see what you value and start to craft a list of goals. Follow the SMART method (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely). Keep a copy of your goals visible and check back on it every few weeks to see where you’re at. Talk about your goals with your friends and family, as it will help keep you accountable. Tolga likes to track his goals on a spreadsheet and Lindsey loves using her Passion Planner. Use a method which works for you.

One of our financial goals is to spend more time as a family while being active and in a technology free environment. We set a financial goal to buy a cottage in the next five years. Check back with us and see if we made that goal!

No one knows your money better than you. How can you make your money work best for you? Spend some time and decide what type of financial life you’d like to have.


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