Why does spending money feel so good?!

First off, thank you for your feedback! It is so reassuring to know I am not alone in emotional spending. We all handle our emotions in different ways, don’t we? Some of us are very open and share on social media. Others are like a fortress and keep that shit locked way, way, WAY down. Others project their emotions into tangible items (food, travel, booze, clothes, etc) and perhaps some do the healthy method and find a way to adequately deal with their shit (therapy, exercise, talking to others).

I am not a therapist or social worker, so I can’t pretend I know the first thing about how to ‘properly’ deal with your emotions. Perhaps if someone reading this is well-versed in emotional spending, I would LOVE your feedback! What I am going to focus on is my experience with emotional spending. Why does it feel SO good to spend money? Why does it feel even better to spend money when I know I shouldn’t?

As an update; I have been very good with my spending! I only bought items that had a purpose behind it. For example, we signed Emily up for swim classes. We thought Emily would love swim classes with her daddy. Mommy doesn’t have a proper swim suit so she sat on the side. Emily did not love swimming. Emily wanted mommy in the pool. We lasted five minutes before we had to go home. On Monday, mommy trucked her ass to Sports Check and sucked her mid-January self into a one piece. Therefore, mommy spent the same on the swim suit as she did on the swim classes. However, I left the store feeling not guilty because this purchase had purpose. Maybe that can become a thing – purposeful spending. It’s okay to spend money, but what’s the purpose behind it? Is this purchase going to enhance your life? Will this lead to you spending more time with friends/family? Do I sound too much like Oprah right now?

Something I have been working on is focusing on my why when I spend money. Why am I spending money? How can I justify this purchase to Tolga? (side note; we all have that person who we may skirt around when it comes to justifying our actions due to not wanting to disappoint/anger/ask us tough questions. Maybe think of this person next time you go on an emotional spending spree)

On that note; it’s time to sign off. If you know more about emotional spending and want to share, please share with me!! Thanks again for reading!


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