The relationship between grief and finances

We are coming up to the one year anniversary of the blog. Yay! We have learned so much during this journey. One thing we have learned is how money touches every aspect of our lives. 2017 has proven to be a year of growth, self-reflection and life lessons. This year has also been full of grief. Sometimes, we are able to push through. Sometimes, we need to know when to call a TV time-out. This is where the relationship between life and money can get muddy. You know you need a ‘life time-out’ but how can you financially swing it? How can you prioritize one over the other? Is that even possible? Or, are we just making a mountain out of a mole-hill?

The relationship between us and money is not really straight-forward. We see the obvious relationship (paying bills, paying down debt, budgeting) but do we see the less obvious? Money is such a personal aspect of our lives. We talk freely about almost everything except money. Money holds a lot of power and this can be used for good or bad.

Have you ever had a really good idea, but held back because of money? Were you scared to make a change because you believe you couldn’t afford to change? This is why we need to change our mindset about money. It’s a relationship. What if we gave our relationship with money more attention and respect? How different could your life be if we respected our money? If we thought about our money in a similar way we think about our personal relationships, would this make money less mystifying and scary?

We guess the point of this post is to help change perspective about money. Treat it with respect and it will respect you back. To help Lindsey with this, she is starting a yearlong personal journey called “12 months of grief” She started this on April 1 and will continue until April 1, 2018. She’s been told that grief (once it hits you and you’re no longer numb) is a yearlong process. To try and find sense in this grief journey, Lindsey is going to have a monthly theme. She will use this theme as an anchor and to ground her during darker days. April was the month to say “yes”. Saying ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’.

Some of you may be reading this thinking, “WTF does this have to do with personal finances?!” Well, money is a central theme to this whole journey. With each month, she’ll need to save, plan and spend money to help her complete this journey. We think there is a link between grief and money and this journey will hopefully let us find it.

Next post, she’ll recap her month of April and set the stage for May’s theme. Hope you will join us!

Photo credit: Averie Woodard



One thought on “The relationship between grief and finances

  1. I’m looking forward to reading these, and following you on your journey – I’ve got my own, different, year of grief ahead of me.


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