April: The Month of Yes

The last six months have been hard. Not hard like, “Oh shit, I had too much to drink last night and now I need to parent” but hard like, your world is like a snow globe that keeps getting picked up, shaken and then put down again. I’m sure many of you can relate. Do you sometimes wonder when life will give you a break? That you just need a W. Then, you turn on the TV and see all the awful shit that’s happening in the world and feel like an asshole, because your problems seem so small. It’s a hard balance between perspective and acknowledging that your problems are legitimate.

We’re sorry for those who have tuned into this post, wanting to read about practical financial advice. You may be thinking, “I want investment tips, not the diary of a sad girl.” Well, to that…..we don’t know what to say. Sorry? But not sorry at the same time. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly?) our best read posts have been ones which focus on mental health and finances. We take this as a giant hint that many people are either going through a similar journey or curious about ours.

As you may have read in our previous post, over the next 12 months, we are dedicating a theme to each month. Our first month, April, was the month of ‘yes’. What does this mean? Well, instead of automatically saying ‘no’ to things, we tried to say ‘yes’ instead. So, what were some things we said ‘yes’ to?

Lindsey taking more time off work (unpaid) to focus on her mental health. As we wrote in our intro, the last six months have been hard. Sometimes, you can’t figure out your life and mental health after work hours. After her disability timeframe ran out, Lindsey knew she needed more time off. With some budget finagling, we were able to afford the loss of paycheck. Before, she would have pushed through and ignored the signals. Maybe you can relate? The extra time off gave her a chance to work on both her mental and physical health. You can’t put a price tag on your health and time off/lost pay will be made up in the future with a healthier and fuller life.

Tolga and Lindsey started their own business! Yes, we realize this isn’t a small thing. For years, Tolga wanted to get into the world of investment properties. With the partnering of another family, they were able to make that dream into a reality. We’re still in the baby stages, but as we progress, we’ll be sure to write our progress on the blog.

Lindsey being more open about her mental health struggles. For those who know Lindsey, know she is a very private person. Even writing this post is beyond her comfort zone. However, in opening up about her struggles, others have opened up to her. It is within this community that she can feel hope and happiness. Mental health is nothing to shy away from. If you’re struggling, know there is a safe space here for you.

 As you can tell, April was a pretty major month. We learned a lot about ourselves and one another. We are working on ourselves and preparing for the future. We realized the preciousness of our mental health and how we need to safe-guard it. Next month, we’ll be recapping how travel can help heal our fragile mental and physical health.

Photo credit: Jon Tyson, unsplash.com


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