Just do it already

It’s as trite as the day is long; life is short. Too damn short. Too short to be living under a constant cloud of stress, doubt, fear and anxiety. Easier said than done, I know. When you work full-time, have a house to run, children to raise, maintain some resemblance of a social life and exercise, it seems like our time and money can’t stretch far enough. I’m sure many of you lose sleep over the state of your debt, finances, relationship(s) and a hundred other things. Do we not deal with our shit because we’re too scared of the work? Or to see how much trouble we’re in? Perhaps we have had one too many broken dreams. It can be a weird comfort to live in these reasons. However, life is too damn short. Just take care of it already.

Right now, I have the blessing of being in LA for a week with three amazing women. We all have been through shit and have crazy lives. Yet, we made this trip happen. I’m not saying we can all do these types of trips (a more reflective post will be done for my 12 months of grieving series recap of May) but what I am saying is just do it already. Want to meet up with a business mentor, but too afraid to write the e-mail? Just do it already. Need to have a difficult conversation with someone? Just do it already. Need to get away from the grind of daily life? Just do it already. Most of us are pretty fortunate to have a circle of support and showing vulnerability only reinforces this support. Start putting the wheels in motion. Most of the time, you will succeed. Other times, it will be a more difficult journey. During my grieving journey, it has been emotional, difficult, scary and life altering. I am also learning to just do it already. It’s like a muscle that we need to develop to become stronger. I’m sure most of us can agree, that once we have survived a shit-storm we come out stronger, wiser and more confident.

With my new sense of strength, wisdom and confidence, I am sharing this with you, my dear reader. You can do it. It will be hard and sacrifices will need to be made. Listen to that voice that has been nagging at you. Budget and save accordingly. You don’t know what is impossible until you examine the numbers. Usually, I will freak out about a change, while Tolga will calmly say, ‘lets look at the numbers and see what’s possible.’ Simply start by taking a look at your options, examine the sacrifices that will need to be made and then just effing do it already. We’ll be with  you every step of the way.


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