2018 financial goal setting & the year that was

As you all know, 2017 has been a year of change, growth and well, pretty effing emotional. You’ve been on this journey with us, and based on the conversations we’ve had with some of you, many of you have been on similar journeys. Some of you have had great loss while others have had great success. Others have seen enormous growth and positive change, while perhaps others are still wondering what the hell they’re doing with their life. Whatever spot you’re at, just know you’re not alone. While we seem to have our shit together, there are many, many, MANY days where we do not.

Although this year was a bit of a shit-show, it’s now time to look ahead and hope that 2018 can be better. It has to be better, right?

This being said, it’s time to share my financial goals for 2018 (Tolga will post his later). I like to separate my goals in four different sections; health, career, personal and finances. Today, we are going to focus on my financial goals. But first, a reflection on the year that was:

Lessons Learned about 2017:


  • I used spending as an emotional coping mechanism for bad shit happening in my life.
  • I started going down the same debt rabbit-hole that has been a constant theme in my life.
  • Learned to be transparent about my spending and the why behind my spending. This resulted in some rough conversations, but I am much better for it.
  • This blog has helped others who have had similar experiences. Thank you for sharing with me as it helps me to not feel as alone
  • People really connect with the concept of emotions and personal finances. This may seem obvious, but we don’t take the time to simply stop and ask ourselves why are we purchasing x, y or z item
  • For the first time ever, I am feeling optimistic about my personal finances. That I finally GET it.


Reflecting is a great way to see how far we have come. You may feel stuck, like wheels spinning in mud, but trust me, you have probably made more progress than you give yourself credit for. Now, without further ado, my financial goals for 2018:

Goals for 2018


  • To be consumer-debt free by beginning of February. Thanks to the year of travel and shopping, mama got a little too use to using her Visa. Now on a payment plan that will get me debt-free by early February 2018
  • Roll that debt-repayment money into a travel account for a trip in May.
  • Continue to use and track cash for variable expenses
  • Do a weekly budget check-in with Tolga where we review our cash-flow statements and budgets
  • Continue having open and transparent conversations about money. I need to ask for help when I feel myself going into a depressive episode.
  • Keep doing the things which provide fulfillment; running, working on this blog, working on OREA real estate class, spend quality time with Emily and Tolga, etc


I plan on printing these and putting them in my Passion Planner. I need to see these daily, to keep me accountable and on track.

What about you? How did your financial situation go this year? Where did you make improvements? What about setbacks? What are you goals? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

I geek out HARD about goal-setting, so if you need some help, let me know and let’s chat!

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


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